Our Reclaim Butyl Rubber Sheeting is a high quality rubber with high temperature resistance. Rubber made from butyl is a blend of polymers mixed with a little bit of isoprene. Butyl Rubber is a very good general purpose rubber used for many applications such as pond linings. Butyl rubber sheeting has good chemical resistance properties and therefore is widely used in many industrial applications. Butyl Rubber’s most unique property is its impermeability to air, being 70% better than most other rubbers hence its use for tyre tubes and tubeless tyre inner liners. Butyl Rubber Sheeting is used in many other applications, being highly impermeable to gases, ozone, ultra violet light, chemicals and weathering. This sheeting has a smooth finish.

Butyl Reclaim Rubber is unique product recycled out of butyl rubber tube scrap. The scrap butyl tubes are pure butyl and no other polymer content is present. Also it is a harder and less porous material than other and has enough elasticity to form an airtight seal.

  • High Quality
  • Brilliant in wide range of temperatures
  • Good resistance to weathering/ozone
  • 70% more impermeable to air than most other rubbers
  • Smooth Finish
  • Good general purpose rubber

Please check out the MSDS details:-

MSDS – Butyl Reclaim Rubber